Polly’s Top 100

Cool things I’ve done….

Bonding with a curious whale in Antarctica.

Sitting on top of Vic Falls in a whirlpool.

Climbing Mt Kinablu in Borneo.

Trekking through the Ugandan jungle looking for mountain gorillas.

Sneaking into Burma illegally for the night.

Searching for the Lost City in Colombia

Welcoming the new millenium at Hogmany, Scotland.

Meeting the children and families I help sponsor through World Vision

Safari through the Serengeti.

Snowboarding in St Anton, Austria.

Watching the sunrise over the Egyptian desert from the top of Mt Sinai.

Dancing at a full moon party in Thailand.

Facing a rhino and it’s baby on a game walk in Swaziland.

Ice climbing in Bolivia

Cruising in luxury to Papua New Guinea

Mountain biking the Death Road

Breathing in the majestic air of Macchu Pichu

Meeting the women of Ras abu galum

Hanging out with an Orangutan in Borneo

Dancing in the streets at Mardi Gras, Salvadore

Tubing at Vang Vieng before the crowds discovered it.

Trekking through the Himalaya of Nepal