Wow – what a shock after Cambodia. Vietnam is something else. There are so many people here and even more motorbikes that it hard to cross the street – last night a sweet old man had to help me!  I think the trick is to just walk out and hope for the best but it’s a big risk.  Saigon / Ho Chi Min city is massive, hot and noisy but I quite like it.  It has some fantastic museums – one of which is the War Remnants Museum (formally called the Museum of Chinese and American War Crimes).  It shows the impact of the Vietnam war (the Vietnamese call it the American war) and it is really graphical – photos of soldiers in action, photos of people who have suffered deformaties from agent orange including actual baby siamese twins and a baby with an enlarged head and harelip in jars – it’s really gross and makes you realise how brutal war is. I also visited the Cu Chi tunnels where the guerillas lived and fought against the Americans – they were quite ingenius. Got to shoot an AK47 that the North Vietnamnese used to use – very cool – very loud!

I was excited to head up north but as I did I began to dislike my trip – more coming but suffice it to say that I got lied to by tour operators about a million times, caught fleas, and had to bribe immigration officals to give me back my passport as I exited the country because I was so pissed off with it. I am so paranoid I still have fleas.