Visiting a World Vision site in Uganda

One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done was to visit a World Vision Camp in Uganda.  I had started sponsoring a little Ethiopian girl about 6 months before my trip and really wanted to visit her.  Unfortunately where she lived was going to be too hard to get to so I arranged to visit a camp in Uganda instead. It was amazing. It was humbling. I can’t even describe how they made me feel. These people were so beautiful and so grateful for the sponsorship.  They treated me as if I was the soul person contributing money and that it was me alone who had changed their lives. It was almost embarrassing because I felt that I didn’t deserve their appreciation.  All I had done was given a bit of extra money each month – money that I would waste in 2 hours at the pub. Best of all it showed me that the money that I give does make a difference and I encourage everyone to do it. So little goes such a long way.

I was taken to some farms where sponsorship had helped support some families. It’s all about sustainability. Before a family can receive sponsorship benefits they have to show that they are capable of using it in a responsible manner. For example, this means that the famers have to build a hut to house a calf. Once they have done that, they are given a calf.  This provides them with a new life.  They don’t waste a thing.  They use the manure and urine to fertilize their garden (fruit such as bananas, all sorts of vegetables to eat etc). They then use the milk to feed their children – this provides the kids with much more nourishment than they would have ever had and helps them to grow strong. Eventually the cow produces enough milk for them to be able to sell the excess and have a small income.   The cows then have calves and these calves are passed on to the next farmer. It’s a way out of poverty. It is so simple yet so effective.

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