The David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

oooh so cute!!!!! and so sad at the same time…

The little elephants below have lost their famillies to poachers and wouldn’t survive on their own.  It’s awful that people still kill wildlife.  In a way I feel responsible that it is still happening because I haven’t done anything to prevent it. The worst part is that you know that the elephants feel the loss the way we would. They mourn and they remember what has happened.  The poisitve side is that some get rescued and brought to the David Sheldrick orphanage in Nairobi where they have to learn everything an elephant needs to survive on their own and be rehabilitated back to the wild.  This means they get taught anything from what to eat to how to take a bath in the dust to keep ticks off them. The keepers even need to sleep with them and keep them warm with blankets.  It can take as many as 7 or 8 years before they get completely released and keepers must be rotated so that the elephants don’t get too attached to them. They are just gorgeous.  The baby one next to the keeper is only 10 weeks old. awwww cute!!!!

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